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 Character Skeleton

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PostSubject: Character Skeleton   Character Skeleton I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 01, 2011 8:31 pm

Remember that in order to pass our Grading, you must receive at least 3.5 over a 5. Do your best!

A quick run-through of each part of the skeleton is below, as well as a
codebox with the bolding already set up for you.

Name: Feel free to use whatever name that you'd like to use, but please remember that if you name your myrmidon "Sephiroth," there's a good chance that he'll have an early reputation, and not a good one.
Age: The minimum age allowed for any Incannician character is 15 years old. Beyond that, feel free to explore any age group that you want.

Homecountry: Which of the nations was your character born in?
Gender: Male or Female
Height: How tall is your character?
Build: How muscular they are. Can range from skinny to portly.

Class: Choose any of the first tier classes shown in the 'Guide to Power' thread. You are only allowed to have 1 weapon.
Level: Level 1 (Exp: 0/100) (For starting characters)

Weapons: Choose weapons that your character's class can use.
Weapon Rank: Vir 0/3 (For starting characters)

Summary: Describe your character in general here. You don't have to focus entirely on personality; how do people view your character? How do they fight? Do they care for or hate anything? How do they view the world that they live in, and how do they view themselves? Feel free to even list things in this category instead of writing them in a coherent paragraph. This is just to help get a vague understanding of what kind of person your character is.

Appearance: Describe your character's appearance. What hair color does he have? What does he normally wear? If you have a picture that you prefer to use, feel free to post it as well, but make sure to not use the picture to replace a description.

Bio: At least a paragraph. Where was your character born? How did they grow up? What helped to shape him/her into the person they are today?

Additional Notes/Comments: Anything else you'd like to tack on for others to know

Current RPs: Roleplays you are currently part of.

Completed RPs: Roleplays that your character has finished.









[b]Level:[/b] 1 (exp: 0/100)


[b]Weapon Rank:[/b]




[b]Additional Notes/Comments:[/b]

[b]Current RPs:[/b] None

[b]Completed RPs:[/b] None

Profiles will NOT be accepted immediately. They must first be reviewed and approved by whatever official/administrator is online at the time. Do NOT keep reposting your profile!

You can only have two characters at the moment. Though, if you buy a character slot addition you are allowed to make another one. Which will be implemented sooner enough.

Please update your character profile frequently for us to manage the RPG easily.
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Character Skeleton
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