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 Lylle Ventus

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PostSubject: Lylle Ventus   Lylle Ventus I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 5:06 am

Lylle Ventus Lylle

Name: Lylle Ventus
Age: 16
Homecountry: Avarres
Gender: Female
Height: (4'2")
Build: Normal

Class: Bow-Mage
Level: Level 1 (Exp: 34/100)
Weapons: Short Bow
Weapon Rank: Vir 0/3


- She is perky when she gets to eat sweets.
- She is an airhead when it comes about strategies.
- She's inept with terrains of snow.
- She's sometimes weird.
- She relies on her flexibility and accuracy.
- She's all hyper when meeting friends.
- Her laziness takes her a long time before mastering an ability.

Her hair color is pure gray and she likes it to stay that way, it is pretty short. She believes it won't irritate her in any of her works. She looks like a 14 Y.O child because of her childish height 4'2". Her skin is tan which will make you think that she came from a tropical place. Lylle doesn't fancy light clothes because of the cold temperature in Avarres. She doesn't go on adventures without her steed Piro given by her father, Piro has been a royal guardian of her clan and has been protecting her family for years.

Lylle was born as a citizen of Valenalle, Avarres. She was 6 years old when her parents retired from war and focused on taking care of her. Her willingness of learning their abilities someday, will become true, from what she believes. Lylle sometimes tried using a bow although unfortunately, she failed all the times.

As a young girl and with persuasion, Lylle was taught by her mother the arts of magery. And her father, gave her a bunch of lessons about Marksmanship. She reached 14 and was dreaming of becoming a Bow-Mage. It suits her abilities nicely because of her knowledge about both magic and archery. Her father told her, that she will be given her the ancestral steed of the clan, named Piro. Which will help her on her quest as a Bow-Mage.

She now embarks on different nations to find more about being a Bow-Mage. With her trusty horse, Piro, they can reach even the very end of Incannica.

Additional Notes/Comments: N/A. Bleh.

Current RPs:
A Virtuous Undertaking
Fire in the Land of Ice

Completed RPs:
Into The Deadlands



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PostSubject: Re: Lylle Ventus   Lylle Ventus I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 5:53 am

The best character form I have seen so far. It's explains Lylle's background real well and is easy to understand. I found no typos, which is awesome. I say, this char form gets a 5/5
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Lylle Ventus
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