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 Emil Castagnier

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PostSubject: Emil Castagnier   Emil Castagnier I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 2:55 am

Name: Emil Castagnier

Age: 17

Homecountry: Zolfo

Gender: Male

Height: 1 meter 56 cm

Build: Thin with some muscle

Class: Hunter

Level: 1

Weapons: Iron Blade

Weapon Rank: 0/3 Vir

Summary: Emil is a shy, misunderstood child sent to live with his aunt and uncle after his parents death by what he believed to be a hero. He is hated by a lot of people and is blamed for a lot of things that go wrong. He isn't the best fighter and isn't that good in battle unless he is "possessed." Then he is amazing.

Appearance: Emil wears a blue shirt and wears black trousers with yellow strips down. He wears a Black Scarf. He has blonde hair with a bit sticking up...

Bio:Born in Northern Zolfo, in the village Fey, where Emil lived for 16 years. Emil was raised like any normal boy, but, one day his parents were murders during a great fire. Murdered by a great hero when Emil was only 16, only a month before his 17th birthday. His parents murdered for no apparent reason. The whole town became a bloodbath, so many died. Emil was sent to live with his aunt and uncle who hated him to pieces. His aunt and uncle lived in Western Zolfo in the town called Charr. Everyone in this town found him strange. No one trusted him and everyone hated him. One day, Emil embarked into a cave where he is found by a spirit who gave him powers... powers by the name Ratatosk... a summon spirit. Ratatosk chose Emil as his "host" as Emil was somewhat of a push over and the spirit of Ratatosk is a stubborn spirit. Emil now has two personalities. The shy and scared Emil and the Strong Brave Ratatosk...

Current RPs: None

Completed RPs: None

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PostSubject: Re: Emil Castagnier   Emil Castagnier I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 3:01 am

Biography isn't that detailed much. I mean, where is he born? What age is he when his parents were murdered? Why were they murdered? Why did the great summon spirit Ratatosk imbued him its powers?

Grading will be covered once errors are fulfilled.


Grading Covered --

Summary was supposed to define how Emil acts and his personality. But that's not needed entirely, it's optional. For the appearance, I'm not sure if you were allowed to use an OC but it's not my problem anymore. If we've been told that using OCs from ToV is not allowed, by any means, we shall remove it.

The biography is quite confusing abit but I understand it partially. "For no apparent reason" opens alot of holes, so you might want to edit that in the future. This is also an optional choice but you can describe who this Summon Spirit Ratatosk is.

Nevertheless, you get a 3.9/5

Grading Passed! Profile Accepted and is now added to the dictionary


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Emil Castagnier
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